You are welcome to subscribe to any of the following bulletins. To subscribe, send an email to info@updateline.org specifying the requested bulletins, your name, and your state.

If you forward a bulletin, you must remove the link "Manage your Subscription" from the bottom of the email. Failure to do so may result in your personal information being modified.

The following regular bulletins are available:

  • Eastern
  • Kansas
  • Northwest
  • Indiana
  • California  (also: Modesto District Hotline - Modesto Members Only )
  • Ohio

These bulletins are sent from: bulletins@updateline.org.

The following young folk's bulletins are available:

  • Eastern
  • Kansas
  • Northwest
  • Indiana
  • California
  • Ohio
  • National

These bulletins are sent from: yfs@updateline.org.

The following service bulletins are available:

  • Ralph Flory                             Serving the Lord in China
  • Mark & Judy Renicker           Serving the Lord in China
  • David & Katie Boone             Serving the Lord in Nicaragua
  • CLint & Brenda Bower            Serving the Lord in Haiti
  • Brian & Sandy Stull               Serving the Lord in Guinea, West Africa
  • Sam & Danielle Wray           Serving the Lord with youth in Idaho
  • Danny & Shirley Lynch         Serving the Lord through relationship healing in MT
  • LAMBS                                     CA Service
  • Christian Disaster Services  OH Service

These bulletins are sent from: services@updateline.org.


You are encouraged to share bulletins regarding:

  • Special Circumstances: Any area where encouragement or financial help is needed. (Family approval is mandatory)
  • Obituaries: Please include arrangements, family addresses and a .jpg photo
  • Birthdays, Anniversaries: Please include date, address and a .jpg photo
  • YF's Events
  • Showers: Please include date, location, time, hostess with phone number & address, registry information, and a .jpg photo of the couple

Additional Information:

  • Please do not send me forwards. Forwards inspire you, they overwhelm me!
  • Send your signed bulletin request to: info@updateline.org. I will not publish your name unless you request it.
  • In addition all YF’s bulletins need a name, phone number or email address for contact questions.
  • All requests need instructions, otherwise I read and delete, thinking it is information you wanted to share with me.
  • Type font is limited by iContacts.
  • All donations for needs published here (unless otherwise stated in the bulletin) can be sent to:
    • Brethren Charity Fund
    • P. O. Box 365
    • Brookville, OH   45309-0365
      • Please place a sticky tape on your check with instructions.

I receive emails for information on specific needs and try to do my best to seek family members to assist in writing the specific bulletin; never hesitate to ask if you hear a need. Not all needs will be published due to privacy and sometimes the needs have already been met. Above all, the bulletins are to encourage and 'lift up the hands which hang down’.

Your continued generous support for the bulletins, which are estimated to run approx. $1,400 per year, is greatly appreciated. Attach a sticky note to your check labeled 'Bulletins' and send to:

POB 1050
Ceres, CA 95307-1050

In gratitude for all HE has done and a special heartfelt love for all,
Arlene Machado

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