Website Instructions

To Post a News Item

  1. You must register on this website by clicking this link. 
  2. Once you are registered and your account is activated, login by going to the Login menu at the top of the page.
  3. Once you are logged in, a black horizontal box will appear directly below the seach box at the top right of the page.
  4. Click on the Post link that is within that box.
  5. On the Post page, enter the title, content, and select one or more categories. You may also attach a file to the post.
  6. Once you have submitted the post, it will not be published to the site until it is reviewed by an administrator.

Definitions of post categories:

  • Fellowship News: All general news pertaining to the NC fellowship such as documents, conference lines, district changes, etc.
  • Meeting News: All news pertaining to worship service meetings such as appointed, modified, or canceled services.
  • Youth News: All news pertaining to young people such as YF's events.
  • Outreach News: All news pertaining to outreach such as mission trips, food packings, etc.
  • Conference News: All news pertaining to conferences such as info for our Annual Conference, Bible schools, etc.

Notice: Advertising style posts will not be published.

To Submit a Request or Concern

  • Fill out the contact form on the Contact page.

Google Calendars

  • The Google calendars can be printed out, synced with a smartphone, and synced with a computer.
  • All of the Google calendar events are kept up to date by volunteers. We are looking for more people to help keep them current. If interested, send an email to
  • The capability is in place for each district to have an additonal special calendar to keep track of Bible studies, showers, workdays, prayer meetings, council meetings, etc. If you would like one set up for your district, send an email to An example can be seen here.


  • Print out the calendar by clicking the print button at the top right of the Google calendar.
  • Sync the calendars to your Google account by clicking the "+ Google" button at the bottom right of the Google calendar.
  • Sync the calendars with Outlook or your mobile phone by following the instructions available here.

Conference Line Information

  • To setup a new free conference line, contact Gary Blosser from at 800-270-0249 or by email at
  • All instructions regaurding message recording, playback, retrieval, downloading, etc is available from their website.
  • To listen the latest recorded message on any conference line, add 1 to the phone number and use the same ID code. For instance, the conference line number for Salem is 712-432-8773. To listen to the latest message, dial 712-432-8774.
  • Keypad shortcuts for listening to recorded messages:
    • 1: pause/play
      2: revert to the beginning
      4: rewind 2 minutes 
      6: forward 2 minutes 
      5: end playback

District Email Distribution Lists

  • Each district can request to have an email distribution list set up. Send your requests to
  • Those in the district who have email will be added to a single list. Emails can then be sent to the entire district by sending the email to the address for the district. For example, sending an email to will forward the email to everyone in Salem.

To Send Recorded Sermons to Praise Project

  • The New Conference Praise Project does not record sermons. Praise Project collects sermons recorded by other people, and then they edit the recording files and post them on their website.
  • You can mail sermons on CDs or DVDs to the below address or send them electronically via Praise Project's YouSendIt account (Contact Praise Project for login info).
  • Contact Praise Project at:

    Praise Project
    PO Box 413
    Rossville, IN 46065

To Visit the Old Website

  • For reference purposes, the old website with all of the old content is accessable at

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