About The New Conference Fellowship


On the heels of the Reformation, in 1708, a handful of believers embarked upon a journey of faith that sought a deeper reformation of doctrine and practice. Seeking a life that followed the Scriptures more literally, eight souls were re-baptized in the Eder River in Schwarzenau, Germany. This was a radical departure from the state church's practice of infant baptism. With a genuine desire to live the New Testament, these brethren were led to practices such as love-feasts, feet-washing, and the practice of the holy kiss. As the group began to grow, a congregation was established in America near Germantown, Pennsylvania in 1719. As it spread across the nation, it grew to a fellowship of approximately 100,000 members. In 1881, a small portion of these members, calling themselves Old German Baptists, separated from the larger group in a quest for a more Godly and simple life. From this body of believers, the New Conference emerged in 2009.