Outreach News

Manna from Heaven/Myra Ky.

Sunday, November 8th 2015 6:52 AM

Aid/ministry opportunity at the Manna from Heaven food and clothing mission in Myra, Ky. Dec. 11-12. We will be sorting and packaging food, clothes, toys on Fri. Dec. 11th. for a Christmas give-out on Dec. 12th. We also need those with warm hearts and a listening ear to staff a small tent with group singing, visiting and praying with those coming for a gift package. There will be distribution of Gospel literature and audio in the tent. RSVP by Nov. 27th.

For general information;
Trent Eikenberry - 937-533-0230
Galen Mohler - 937-245-1617

For lodging and travel reservations;
Reuben Shankster - 260-229-8221
Beth Filbrun - 937-336-2312

Another Family Needed in Nigeria

Tuesday, October 27th 2015 4:52 AM

The SALT Microfinance program is looking for another family from the German Baptist Brethren fellowship to provide assistance in Nigeria.

Gary Miller

All-Nations Bible Translation

Sunday, October 4th 2015 6:42 AM

Brother Joel Martin, with All-Nations Bible Translation, plans to be at Brookside Community Center for an informational meeting on Friday, October 23.  The evening will begin at 7:00 PM and all interested parties are very warmly welcomed.

All-Nations Bible Translation (ABT) provides an Anabaptist foundation for Bible translation and church planting and provides direction and resources for translators to take God’s Word into all nations.  Brother Ethan and sister Lynae Wagoner from Cascade Valley are currently serving with ABT in Mexico, and sister Emily Wolf from Lower Twin is currently in training for future service.  Other individuals with close ties to our German Baptist fellowship are very involved with ABT, as well.

There seems to be a growing interest in this work, and the invitation is being freely extended to become better informed about the ministry.  The physical location of the meeting is 428 North Wolf Creek Street, Brookville, Ohio, and the gathering will be in the large basement room accessed from the rear of the shopping center.

Come and be blessed in worship, and receive instruction about what God is doing in our world today as the spreading of the Gospel continues. “And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard?”(Ro 10:14)

Curt Wagoner

Change to Posting Instructions

Sunday, August 9th 2015 6:43 AM

Please note the following change to instructions when posting to www.ogbbc.org:

*We now require a contact name to be associated to each post. When filling out the form for posting an article to www.ogbbc.org please include in the content your name or the name of the desired contact person. These names will be visible to all who view the article.

Thank you for your cooperation!

John Sink
Caleb Jenkins
Scot Boone
Ian Bowman

Additional info. for Myra, Ky. meetings

Sunday, June 14th 2015 6:34 AM

  July 10th. = Fellowship meal at 5:00 pm. Song service and preaching at 6:45 pm.

  July 11th.  = Song service and preaching at 10:30 am. Fellowship meal following

                    Fellowship and children's activities in the afternoon.

                    Fellowship meal at 5:00 pm. Song service and preaching at 6:45 pm.

  July 12th. =  Song service and preaching at 10:30 am. Fellowship meal following.

Myra Kentucky Meetings

Sunday, June 7th 2015 6:52 AM

Singing and preaching meetings in Myra Ky. July 10-12. Please pray for the brethren and sisters going. Donations can be sent to the Brethren Charity Fund with a note for "Myra Kentucky Meetings"

Trent Eikenberry #937-533-0230
Galen Mohler     #937-245-1617

School Kit Update

Sunday, May 17th 2015 6:46 AM

We have exceded our goal of $30,000! Thank you for the donations, prayers, and thoughtfulness!  We are looking forward to seeing all of you at Conference, Lord willing!  Thank you for blessing us, so that together, we may bless others!

- The 2015 Young Folks Committee

School Kit Update

Sunday, May 10th 2015 6:38 AM

The Young Folks Committee for the upcoming Annual Conference would like to thank all those who have donated to the School Kit Funds.  In three weeks we have went from 20% of our goal to 93% of our goal!  Thank you for the monetary donations and also for the prayers and thoughts for the children we will be blessing with school supplies! Donations are still being accepted at BCF with a memo for "School Kits"

Welcome all!

Please come and hear Merle and Judy Flory share what God is doing through Macedonian Teaching Ministry on:

May 20, 2015 @ 7:00 PM

at the West Manchester Meetinghouse (located 1 mile west of the SR13/SR114 intersection in North Manchester, IN).

Any questions? Call Michael Cook at 260-901-0530.

Blessings in Jesus,
Michael Cook

School Kit Update

Sunday, April 26th 2015 6:48 AM

In regard to the funds for packing school kits at Annual Conference we feel it necessary to provide an update.  As of Saturday, April 25 we were only at 20% of our funding goal.  If we plan to pack school kits we are in desperate need of funds.  We ask that you remind others of the need.  We also wish to remind you that donations are to be sent to BCF with a memo of "School Kits"

Thank you!

-The 2015 Young Folks Committee