2017 Query to Annual Conference from Mt. Zion District

Query to Annual Conference of The Old German Baptist Brethren Church (New Conference) Cedarville University - 2017

With the desire to maintain and promote love, peace, and unity; and to present a consistent witness as a part of the body of our Lord Jesus Christ, we, as a district, accepted the recommendation of a committee of six adjoining Elders to make an appeal to this Annual Conference.

We ask for a committee of nine Elders to be appointed to study the subject of marriage and divorce and the reconciling of a first marriage following an adulterous relationship and a second marriage ending in an annulment.

We, as a district, ask:  Is it against biblical teaching for a husband to be reunited to his wife who has divorced him and remarried?

We ask that this committee  bring a report back to Annual Conference for discussion and a brotherhood voice at a later date.