FUSION Gatherings

Do you ever sit at home wondering how you can serve others? Well here is your opportunity! *The Post Young Folks group*  is getting together to tie shoes for Well of Hope. For those of you not familiar with this organization, come join us on March 4th @6:00pm in Harold and Nancy Flory's barn for a fun evening of tying shoes to support the widows of Kenya Africa. We would love to share the story of how the shoes make a BIG impact in the communities in Africa. If you have old shoes you are welcome to bring them along as a donation. 

If you have questions please text or call Nicci Price 923-602-5801. I ask that you also make an effort to RSVP by March 2. 

This is a group for anyone over 18 that wishes to fellowship and serve one another. Blessings and I look forward to seeing you!

*Post Young Folks will now be called 
FUSION Gatherings - ( Fellowship, Unity, Serve, Inspire, Outreach, Nurture )

Roger & Nicci