Youth Bible School 2017

The Feast is Spread... Yet there is Room!

"Jesus Is" Series: Norm Layman

  • The Way the Truth and the Life
  • The Mediator
  • The Perfect Sacrifice
  • The Head of the Curch
  • The King of Kings and Lord of Lords

"The Church" Series: Mark Renicker

  • The Beginnings of the Church
  • Brief History of the Church
  • Evangelism Discussion
  • God's Purpose for the Church
  • The Last Days of the Church

The "Honor" Series: Sam Wray

  • Honor the Lord
  • Honor your Father and Mother
  • Honor your Masters
  • Honor the King
  • Honor your Elders

Evening Revivals: (To be announced)

  • The Exceeding Sinfulness of Sin
  • Ye Must be Born Again
  • Bring Forth Fruits Meet for Repentance
  • If ye Endure Chastening

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