Morning Star Building Project Report

Completion of our building project is clearly in view.  We have continued our work nights every Tuesday evening, an occasional Saturday workday and some extra hours worked during the week by volunteer help. Presently all ceiling work is completed, the floor is polished, and interior doors and trim are installed. Finish electric, HVAC, and plumbing are nearly completed. Finish painting and installation of cabinets and bathroom partitions are in progress. All exterior work on the building and the parking lot is basically completed. Our focus will soon change from finishes to furnishings.

We stated in the last progress report 6 months ago that this final phase of the project has the most major expenses occurring simultaneously. For the first time this spring our finances did not keep pace with the work being accomplished. A halt in progress on our building seemed eminent as we prayerfully considered our commitment to complete the project debt-free or as the Lord would provide. During this time we recieved an unsolicited offer from outside our district to finace the completion of our building project interest-free with a two year maximum pay back period.  Our congregation took time to consider and pray about this and unitedly agreed to humbly accept this offer. 

God has faithfully provided for us the last five years and continues to do so in many ways. He has given us the talents of volunteer laborers, the finances of many willing givers, and the unity of spirit-filled believers in our congregation. We humbly and gratefully thank all who have partnered with us and encouraged us in all these areas.

The goal of being in our building this fall seems attainable. Our projected budget for completion is not expected to exceed $100,000. If you feel led to contribute financially, please send you donations to: Brethren Charity Fund, P.O. Box 365, Brookville, OH  45309 or to: Calvin Durham, 2201 St. Rt. 122, Eaton, OH  45320 with a memo for the Morning Star Building Fund.

Now unto God and our Father be glory for ever and ever, Amen. (Phil. 4:20)

Larry Bower