Update from Advisory Board regarding We Believe Statement

Dear New Conference Brotherhood,

Grace, peace, and truth be yours in Christ Jesus our Lord.

As of March 7, we your Website Advisory Board, have received your suggested adjustments, concerns, and advice regarding the draft version of the ‘We Believe’ document. Thank you each one for your feedback.

We have considered each piece of feedback, sorted them out by topic, weighed them against each other and the Word, and have edited the ‘We Believe’ document accordingly. Our goal was not to create an exhaustive theological document, or even to nail down every tenet and belief of our fellowship. But rather to provide a simple and concise explanation of who we are for the honest seeker.

Our plan, as stated in the letter sent to the churches last year, was to share the adjusted draft with the members at the 2016 Annual Conference and seek brotherhood approval before posting this statement on the website.

As you know, there was an assembly of NC elders in January 2016.  One of the conclusions from that meeting was to appoint 5 brethren to describe the New Testament Vision of our group and also to take responsibility for our various denominational documents.  This would, of course, include the ‘We Believe’ statement which the Website Advisory Board has worked on thus far.

We have now handed the document to the Committee of Elders.  They will be handling any further editing of the document, sharing it with the national elders on Friday before 2016 Annual Conference, and taking care of presenting it at conference for the congregation’s approval as the elders see fit.

Thank you for your support.

Your ogbbc.org Website Advisory Board,
Tim Deaton, Grant Fullmer, Reuben Huffman, Leonard Meador, & Gary Miller