Youth Discipleship


Each year we prayerfully consider whether to host another Youth Bible School. We are very excited about plans for spring of 2016 - only a little over 1 month away! We are anticipating singing, praying, witnessing, fellowshipping, growing & hearing message after message of solid Scriptural teaching

(Sun. eve March 13 through Sat morning, March 19) – “Yet there is room, the feast is spread!”

Applications of married couples willing to participate under the same guidelines as other students will be considered if space is available.

We recognize there may have been misunderstanding about YBS in the past, causing some to feel intimidated, inadequate or even unwelcome to attend. Please knowthat if you have a desire to grow in your walk with Christ you are welcometo apply, it will be our intent to call all of us higher, but not to unnecessarily intimidate anyone.

“Be Still and Know that I AM GOD”
Bro. Richard Moore (Dallas, Oregon)
Monday: I am Holy
Tuesday: I am the Lord who Sanctifies you
Wednesday: I am thy Shield & Exceeding Great Reward
Thursday: I am the Lord which Teaches thee to Profit
Friday: I am thy Part and thine Inheritance

“A Serious Study of the Book of Philippians”
Bro. John D. Martin (Shippensburg, PA)
Monday: Philippians chapter 1
Tuesday: Philippians chapter 2
Wednesday: Evangelism message & Discussion
Thursday: Philippians chapter 3
Friday: Philippians chapter 4

“The Father’s Heart”.... in:
Brother Aiden Troyer (Berne, Indiana)
Monday: Letting no man despise your youth
Tuesday: Embracing Leadership and Sub-mission
Wednesday: Preparing my life for service &the question of marriage
Thursday: Restoring relationships & Responding to Differences
Friday: Choosing & Learning Humility to Identify with Christ

Brother Merle Flory (& Bro. John D. Martin)
Calling all Present to Personal Revival
Wed. & Fri. Evenings Services open to all-6:30PM