Elders Gathering in January in Ohio

   In order to work toward some reconciliation regarding methods of working among our elders, and to be proactive regarding future planning and vision for our people, we have sent out an invitation to all of the elders in our brotherhood, to meet together the week of January 25, 2016.

  All of the elders in the brotherhood were voiced, and 81% were willing for this meeting, and thought it would be a blessing.

  This meeting will be held, the Lord willing, at the Brookside Community Center, Brookville, OH.

  We ask our people to be in prayer regarding this assembly.

  This invitation is a response to interest and concerns of many elders, and young families, and even young people, who have great desire for the continued health of our church.

  This call has been sent out by the following brethren:

        Duane Flora                                                                         Lowell Miller

        Ken Hopkins                                                                         Gary Peters

        Michael Miller                                                                       Trent Bowman

        Curt Wagoner