Martyrs Narrative in Ohio

The Martyrs Narrative will be presented on November 20 and 21 at the Elizabeth Township Community Center, in the Maple Grove area.  The Center is located at 5760 E Walnut Grove Rd, Troy, OH 45373.  The Narrative will start at 7pm sharp.

This is a reading of historical accounts of the suffering of many saints throughout the ages, combined with the singing of old Martyr’s hymns by the young people. It is a sharing in the sufferings of others, and a solemn pondering of our own lives in an affluent age.  A few of the accounts are graphic. The evening may seem long for children. Parents should use discretion in considering children 7 yrs. of age or younger. Each evening may take approx. 2 hrs.

The first evening will cover the suffering of the saints in the first 1000 years of Christian history. The second evening will bring us up to the present, including some recent events.

 All are welcome. Please arrive early!

Questions:  Dave and Michelle Swearingen  (937)845-0210