Pleasant View Building Work Week

The work on our new meeting house is underway.  Much of the site work has been done.  The electrical, plumbing and HVAC work under the slab has been completed, and the steel columns for the main beams are in place.  We expect to pour the slab and place the main beams in the next few days.  We will then be ready for the wood structure to be framed up.

We currently are planning a work week, the Lord willing, starting on Monday, August 10th through Saturday August 15th.  Lunch will be provided each day, and overnight lodging is available.  We would like to invite all to come join us as we labor together.

If you have any questions concerning the work week or need lodging, please contact Gary Garber at 937-456-3657.

In behalf of the Pleasant View Building Committee,

Mark Denlinger