A Cup of Cold Water

Dear Brothers and Sisters and Friends,

Please reflect on the number of times a day that you simply turn on a faucet and water comes pouring out – clean, filtered, sparkling water! Let us then consider those who must walk several miles every day to get water that we would not consider safe to drink.  

Please consider helping with the 100 Pump Project! This outreach effort involved development of a hand-powered well pump to reach the deep water tables found in many parts of Africa. I have been involved on the design team with many co-workers on this ministry, so I have a deep trust that donations are directly helping those people in dire need of clean water.

I realize that many different needs are clamoring for your time and money these days; however, if you feel led to pass along some of your blessings to give a cup of cold water to over 400 people in a village in the heart of Africa, please click on the link below to check out this project or make a donation. You are welcome to donate anonymously.


Thank you for taking the time to consider this urgent need.  

Blessings in Jesus' Name,

Michael Cook