Statement from members within the Shenandoah District

Brethren and sisters, we respectfully request that the attached Statement of Clarification be shared with your congregations prior to Annual Conference. Several of our members have received questions and concerns from every area of our brotherhood over the last few months based on the idea that there is a movement among our congregation to introduce divorce and remarriage among our congregation; as we continue to hear of this rumor stirring contention and hurt in several other areas, we present the following paper to be shared with each district in our brotherhood. After much prayer and counsel, our conscience and our desire to hear and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit has moved us to share the following statement in the sincere hope that it will allow for a more honest discussion at our upcoming conference and among our members here in VA, and that it can ultimately help each one to move toward a Biblical peace. The following statement of clarification is now sent to each district for prayer and consideration prior to the upcoming conference of 2014 with our continued appreciation for the spirit of honesty and transparency which have been so vital to our conference thus far.  We offer it only with a desire to bless and to further open conversation and ultimately peace among us and we again ask that it be shared with each congregation prior to Annual Conference 2014 where possible.  May our Heavenly Father bless each one as we seek to follow Him more closely each day.