Hearts and Homes Family Conference - Invitation & Registration

Dates:  October 3 - 6 2012 

The Hearts and Homes conference will be held at the Missionary Church Campground in Ludlow Falls OH this year. All are warmly welcomed and encouraged to be in attendance. 

We have an earnest expectation of Gods blessing as we humbly come together to press upward and onward toward further realization of the beautiful reality that is the Christian life so bountifully set before us in the Word of God that liveth and abideth forever. 

We have a sincere desire to be lanterns full of oil and light, trimmed and prepared in the ways of righteousness, joy and peace, living out the words of Christs transforming message and the character of His person as families of His body on earth.   

Please prayerfully consider registering to join us for these few days of encouragement, prayer, the opening of Gods Word and walking in the Light together to be strengthened and prepared for the battle of life ahead. 

Evening sessions begin at 7:00 each evening and are open to all.

The Registration period ends August 15th   -  see the attached invitation for more details