Important Canoe Trip Info

CANOE TRIP 2012 June 30-July 1&2

Canoe Trip has reached the maximum number of campers this year!

The Young Folks will not be able to come to Salem church on the 30th, with a registration form and plan to get in; there is a waiting list. To be placed on it, registration must be sent to Brent & Sherry Davison. (A phone call will not hold a spot.) If someone is signed up for Canoe Trip but cannot attend, please let us know so that others might have the opportunity.

Visitors are welcome at Canoe Trip! Sunday night, skits will be starting at 5:30pm with a 1 hour worship service afterwards. Please bring lawn chairs and Songs of Faith & Praise. Volleyball and refreshments will complete the evening.

Directions: Camp Graham, 164 Springhill Rd., Clarksville, OH 45113

From I-75 Exit St Rt 73 (Springboro) go east. Continue on Rt 73 across Rt 48, then across Rt 42 at Waynesville. After crossing Rt 42, take the first right – Clarksville Rd. Follow Clarksville Rd to the stop sign and turn left. Turn right at first road (Pioneer Village and Clarksville Rd.) Continue to next stop sign and turn left. Turn right at first road (Clarksville Rd.).Continue to next stop sign, GO STRAIGHT (Crossing St Rts 22/3). about 1.4 mile, turn left to 4-H Camp Graham

From I-71 Exit Wilmington Rd. (Exit 36), go east, Follow about 4 miles to Clarksville Rd. on your right, turn right. Continue to next stop sign GO STRAIGHT (Crossing St Rts 22/3). about 1.4 mile, turn left to 4-H Camp Graham