2012 Conference Committee Query

To the brethren and sisters assembled at Cedarville, Ohio              April 20, 2012

Query to 2012 Annual Conference 

There is a concern among us with our present custom/practice of choosing the same elders year after year to serve on the conference committee.

While we have every confidence that it is not so now, an extended service in this capacitymighttend toward personal elevation of brethren. Also, the thought of any individual or group becoming heavy-handed may be a distant one; but, we feel it would be good to address this concern.

There are many Spirit-led brethren among us to share in this work. It does seem beneficial and even prudent that there would besomebrethren on this committee with experience each year. Therefore, we would suggest the following:

  1. No brother would serve more than 4 consecutive years.
  2. Brethren being replaced would not be eligible for this committee again for another 3 years.
  3. Anybrother sent as a messenger to represent his district would be eligible to be on the conference committee that year.

To begin the implementation of this, the Lord willing, in 2013, 3 or 4 brethren from the 2012 conference committee could be chosen to serve on the 2013 conference committee. In case of a tie, there could be either 3 or 5 as determined by the brethren tallying the votes. After those 4 (or 3 or 5, as the case might be) are determined, the balance of the conference committee would then be chosen from among the qualified brethren.

A PDF version is also attached for download.