LAMB Services 2nd Annual Dinner Meeting

You are invited!

Saturday, January 21, 2012 @ 5:30 pm at the Wood Colony Hall 

Evening Agenda:

Meet at 5:30 pm
2011 LAMB Projects Highlights—Board Members
Good & Evil Book Distribution—Mike Atinskey, Prison Chaplain

Break—Enjoy a “Mission” Style Dinner!
CAM Rapid Response Disaster Teams Presentation—Willie Miller
Local Disaster Team Responders Potential

Short Break—for Fellowship
CAM Billboard Evangelism Presentation—Dwayne Stolfuz

Dismissal—around 9:15 

LAMB Services board members will give highlights of the projects we did in 2011, and a quick outline of exciting future plans for 2012. Included will be an expanded update on the Prison Ministry Project we started in June 2 years ago!

Mark your calendars— this will be a highly informative meeting!
The food, clothes and donations we send are making a positive impact on the people who receive them.
Come and bring a friend!